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Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge Fund has been set up to accept donations in the name of our loved ones and beloved pets who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Each donation gives a rescue dog the chance for a new life and is tax deductible. For each donation made, your 'angel' will be added to this page.

In loving memory of Lucy Metzger
11/10/2000 - 4/13/2010
Beloved pal of Michael, Virginia and furbrother, Desi. Lucy joined the Metzger's from Ohio Westie Rescue and soon a new brother, Desi, joined the family. They lost Lucy unexpectedly after a panic stricken drive in the middle of the night to the closest emergency vet clininc; an hour away. She will never be forgotten by her wonderful family. Michael and Virginia went on to adopt another wonderful little girl, Niki, this time from WRT.

In Memory of Jack Dunn
?/?/? - 4/6/2012
Precious, sweet and loving Westie boy of Jennifer and Doug Dunn crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Good Friday, April 6, 2012. We adopted Jack a mere 1 and ½ years ago. At the time, our vet guessed he was between 8 and 10. Jack was our first rescue dog and our third Westie. Buddy died in Feb. 2010 and Lily in Feb. 2011. Jack helped ease the pain of Lily's passing. He was without a doubt, the sweetest, most loving doggie. He loved us and we loved and adored him. There will never be another dog like Jack. He was one of a kind and gave the best Westie kisses ever!! He loved to ride in the car, go for walks and would literally leap in the air at the sight of his leash. He was my constant companion and blended so well into our family. We will miss him so much and will never, ever forget him. Thank you to Westie Rescue of Tennessee for a wonderful, wonderful adoption. The first time I saw a picture of Jack, I knew he was destined to be mine. His sweet face spoke to me and he worked his way into my heart immediately. I love you so much Jack!
In Memory of Nessie
10/03 - 03/12
Precious Westie girl of Linda Duncan with Westie Rescue of Austin left for the Rainbow Bridge early on the morning of March 10, 2012. Sadly, the world of Rescue has lost a great ambassador who always welcomed each and every foster dog into their home. Along with her Mom, Nessie taught them how to be loved. She was her Mom's heart and will be greatly missed and forever remembered. Rest in peace sweet Nessie.
In memory of Spencer Whitmer
7/3/97 - 7/5/11
Beloved Westie boy of Bob and Carol Whitmer and Caitlin Gore (Carol's daughter). Spencer crossed over the Rainbow Bridge late this afternoon (7/5/11). He turned 14 years old on Sunday July 3rd and was loved and cared for the last 5 years by Carol, Bob and Caitlin after Carol adopted him from Westie Rescue of Missouri. He was the first rescue Westie for Carol and Caitlin, and was the main reason Carol got involved, herself, in Westie Rescue work. Spencer will be missed very much not only by Bob, Carol and Caitlin, but also by his fursisters, Katy, Gracie and Molly. Rest in peace, little man.
In Honor of Mitzi
6/24/96 - 6/24/08
Beloved companion of Mark and Virginia Crowell. Missed greatly every day, she was taken too soon by a disease that could not be controlled. Also missed by furbrother, Stewart. Mark and Virginia went on to adopt two Westie puppies from WRT in 2008.
In Memory of Sydney Holman
6/01/05 - 5/07/11
Precious pet and companion of Belinda and Ray Holman. She is also sadly missed by furbrothers and fursister, Norman, Watson & Madison.